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When a family chooses a School or University for their children, oftentimes the role of Learning Coach falls on one of the parents. In today's economy, staying home to serve this vital role is difficult for families where both parents are working. The staff at Village Learning Coaches are all professional educators with advanced degrees who are looking to support students and parents in a hands on environment. We have personal experience as learning coaches and are parents ourselves!

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Barbara McCreery, MA, MS

A passionate and dedicated educator, Barbara McCreery is an experienced teacher and leader within a variety of educational environments, ranging from urban schools to cyber classroom over the course of her 38 year career. It is with this diverse background and an unbridled passion for education that she helps bring an unprecedented approach to helping to develop today’s students in a variety of environments. Barbara’s mission is tied closely to the individualized approach to learning for each student that she works with. Barbara is eager to have the opportunity to foster a learning environment to help maximize the potential of her students.

Barbara holds a B.A. degree from Chestnut Hill College in History, along with a M.A degree from Villanova University in Secondary Education, M.S. degree from Philadelphia University in Computer Education and has extensive post-graduate work in special education and principal administrative studies from both Penn State and Cheyney State University. Recently, she has been trained by the Center for Teacher Effectiveness as an Instructor for Teachers , and Certified as a Virtual Instructor by the University of California, Irvine.

Allyson Burton, MA

Allyson is a conflict resolution practitioner.  For 5+ years, she has worked in various settings as a peace educator and mediation specialist. She offers workshops for both students and educational leaders that includes the following: anti-bullying for youth, conflict mediation for all levels, peace education training for teachers/staff. Allyson has an MA in International Peace and Conflict Resolution from Arcadia University, where she is currently the Program Coordinator. She has also conducted fieldwork  in several international settings and worked as a peace educator in local school districts.

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